Mobile Laser Tag Games with the video game experience

Mobile Laser Tag is an Events and Entertainment company based in Cape Town, Western Cape, providing SAFE, FUN, combat games to Corporate and Private clients for events and Functions. These events include laser games for Kids and Adult Birthday Parties, team building and fundraising Activities.

We re-invented the way traditional lasertag was played by making it a video game experience based on traditional Laser Quest some of us may remember playing in our youth!

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The Laser Tag Creed

Mobile Laser Tag takes made the decision to subscribe to the LaserTag Creed. This Creed is generally thought to serve as a basic guideline. Practically demonstrates a Code of Conduct. For more information one can refer to the USA LAZERTAG CREED

The Laser Tag Creed is a simple creed that can be shared by laser sport players around the world. The creed should be memorized by all players, given to new players, and recited before gaming begins. It is a summary of the full code of conduct (below), but is not a replacement for the complete code and adherence thereof.

Laser Tag is a non contact sport.

People see laser tag as a physical contact sport, but it's not. It's really a one of will against will. Who wants it the most? How much is he willing to take to get it?

All players are created equal.

All players are created equal but the best become laser tag champions.

Zero tolerance for cheating.

Cheating is easy, try something challenging like doing the right thing, being sincere and faithful.

Exit the play area the same as I enter it.

Always leave things better than you found them, especially people - Henry Cloud

Respect authority.

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth - Albert Einstein

The dome is my target, not the player.

The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it - Mal Pancoast

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