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Team building events and functions

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to reward your employees?

Book a team building activity guaranteed to BOOST their morale and motivation in the workplace. Laser Tag Team building events promote better personal relations between you and your staff. 

Laser Tag Birthday Parties are suitable for all age groups and demographics.

From Kids (boys and girls) celebrating their 6th,7th or 8th birthday to Adults celebrating their 50th with some friends, Choosing Laser Tag for your celebration is guaranteed to be a memorable experience whether you are old (or think you are) or young!

Drive Sales and Productivity — add some fun

Sales teams and departments also choose a laser tag team building event to promote competition. Healthy competition in any sales environment can drive results and closing ratios. Many sales driven businesses encourage this behavior. Often a team building can motivate the sales floor when sales figures are down. Its often sales people or departments that will take the first step by challenging other departments, branches or divisions.

Too often low morale at work is attributed to a lack of recognition. By using lasertag as reward or “treat” you can “award” both groups or individuals at the same time! Rewarding performance and achievements is often the best way to maintain a productive work environment!

Where can we play ?

We come to you!

Indoor, Outdoor and Mobile Venues

As one of the most asked questions here are some ideas of where we have hosted Laser Tag Team Building before. It is not always an activity companies need o hire a venue for.

Indoor or Outdoor Locations

Booking Team Building Functions indoors in areas that can be singled out or combined such as:

  • Sales Floor Play in the office if you like
  • Inside the building (Use the stairs and lifts)
  • Basement parking lot – makes a great urban assault course
  • Department Store after closing (such as a sales floor)
  • Atrium or waiting areas
  • Warehouse or storage rooms (The Back Office)
  • Canteen or tearoom
  • Boardroom or conference hall
  • In between offices through hallways
  • and many more…

Or choose to host your function outside ANYWHERE such as:

Rented or hired venue or even a staff member’s home or garden

Yes you can host a Laser Tag event IN your offices or even NEAR the office. Mangers and staff are able to play during office hours without disturbing other staff by using head phones.

Increase productivity

Many companies are always looking for ways to improve relationships between departments. Communication between different departments and branches often improve workflow and even turnover. Team building with laser games greatly improves attitudes towards colleagues and peers. Happier staff are more productive, work faster and longer than unhappy employees.

This new variation of Laser Tag team role play we have had increased interest from businesses who are looking for something different to do as a form of team building and for their employees. We are 100% mobile which means that we can host your your events and functions anywhere!

Too often low morale at work is attributed to a lack of recognition. By using lasertag as reward or “treat” you can “award” both groups or individuals at the same time! Rewarding performance and achievements is often the best way to maintain a productive work environment!

Staff Introductions and New Members

To a new person joining a firm, learning to put faces to names can be overwhelming. Team building can also be used to welcome new employees to your company or organization. Many employers find laser games an excellent platform to introduce people to each other for the first time or encourage better working relations.

Play from the safety of your own offices or pick your own venue to play at. Laser tag can also be incorporated as an activity to slot into your next team build, year end function etc. Give us a call and let us help you make the occasion productive and fun.