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Laser Tag Groups

Overview of Groups

What is a Group?

Laser Tag groups refer to the demographics or "types" teams and people that are able to book and/or play laser tag games.

Group service features

What Makes a Mobile Laser Tag party DIFFERENT?

The ultimate Tactical and strategic laser quest game suitable for all ages, men women, boys and girls of all ages and totally mobile making it plug and play.

Cater for indoor and outdoor venue for day or night environments.

Similar to Paintball but no physical projectiles make it the ideal party solution and alternative for birthday parties, team building, school fete’s, fund raising events offering fun-filled, adrenalin packed and adventure sport.

School Groups
Starting with group events

Getting started with Groups

Groups that are able to play Mobile Laser Tag have increased drastically since we originally started out in South Africa.

As more people learn that Laser quest is now available as a mobile and or out door activity, the question everyone asks is always about the groups…

Can anyone play…?” or “Can I book Laser Tag for ….?

The simple answer is quite simply YES!!And who can blame them – there is very little known about how Laser Tag groups work on South Africa which is why we have decided to provide you with a more detailed look into choosing a Laser Paintball Party booking for you and your group!

What are Laser Tag Groups
What is a Group?
Laser Tag groups refer to the demographics or “types” teams and people that are able to book and/or play laser tag games.

Every player in your group counts!!

Different games have different challanges, differnent objectives and different levels of difficulty. Knowing more about the group that we are going to entertain is important. While we mostly use groups to determine the best possible set-up to ensure every player has a great time, you may also find grouping certain individuals and teams can greatly enhance your own games with a little bit of planning…

Certain factors should be considered when planning your lasertag event (more so if its a large group). Think of things like:

Example Suggestion (if possible)
Age of players Younger players are more energetic than older ones Team up players of similar ages
Skill level Girls may not be as competitive as guys Group girls and boys together in seperate teams (unless its a battle of the sexes game)
Location and Venue Outdoor venue such as a school field Bring a gazeebo or umbrella for some shade
Time of day Hot summer days Ensure that there is refreshments between games


Normally covered by us during briefing – other factors including the average age of players, their skill level and location (where the Laser Tag event will take place) of events can influence the games we able to play. From the most experienced players to novice and first time players, we endevour to give every person the best experience possibe (see the creed for more)! By employing different tactics such as choosing either an attacking (offence) or defending (defence) game plan helps groups work together and as a unit and is also something you could plan for.

Categorising groups

How groups are categorised

Mobile Laser Tag group bookings are categorised as follows:

  • Private (or private bookings)
  • Corporate (or Company events)
  • Fundraising (or Charity)


  • Custom
  • League

See more about each of these categories below – Scroll down!

Each specific category has certain criterea (or demographics as people in marketing and analtical circles say…). It is important to note that not all Laser Tag companies in SA, or even internationally, choose the same group structure – It may or may not be important to everyone, but it can be an indicator of how your booking may be run or what you are likely to pay.

Age Groups Demographics

Demographics for Laser Tag groups

Working with Age groups
Age Groups
Kids 6-12 Primary School
Teens 13-17 High School
Students 18+ University
Adults 18+
Private Groups
What are “private” bookings and groups?
The term Private and Private groups refers bookings made by ordinaty people like yourself – and applies to events that are for friends or even family.
Private groups also refers to parties that are closed – or by invite only – and dont extend to

Private laser tag bookings are often booked out for immediate friends and family and not, for example, made by a company (unless you have a family business!).The most popular private bookings are birthday parties and social and normally booked as an activity for a celebration.

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Birthday Party Groups

Laser Tag is open to both the juniors and seniors! Choosing a Mobile Laser Tag Birthday party groups is quickly becoming the best alternative to paintball and even resteraunts. Lets face it – Doing the same ‘ol’ ice-cream at the local SPUR isnt what it used to be – or as affordable as it was either!


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Kids Birthday Party Groups

Children (definatly the most popular private group event) are by far the most frequent groups over weekends! Understandibly, kiddies birthday parties for kids are held on either friday nights or saturdays – with the occasional sunday or mid week here and there!

We have seen so many last minute bookings lead to dissapointment. Space is not always guaranteed, so please plan in advance!

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Adult Birthday Party Groups

The marshall hosting your event normally reccomends different game options and stratergies commonly used by other groups to before each game and is will assist individuals that need assistance during too! Suggestions and assistance is offered also vary for both beginenrs and out advaced players.

Advanced groups

Experienced and older players are able to get the most of their laser tag booking by assigning different roles and responsibilities to each person (if they choose to) and and an over-all stratery is a good thing to have in place to win. Groups that are able to make plans and set out goals and define clear objectives indapendantly are more likely to succeed and win!


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