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Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party Event Services


LaserTagTEL1Planning a Laser Tag Birthday Party for your kids, your friends or even yourself is as simple as giving us a call

Make your event unforgettable and let us host the party for you. From set up to pack up, we come to you so you can just enjoy the day
If you are ready to celebrate your next Birthday party, Laser Tag is an exciting choice for you to celebrate your special day.

So regardless if you’re big or small, young or old, you’ll find lots of fun and excitement – brought to your home, local park / playground!

Its like playing a video game in the garden

Video game styled Laser Tag is great for kids birthday parties.

Children can now experience real lifevideo-game action ” at light speed.

Better still
They get to play outside in the fresh air! Not in front of a television! Book a Kiddies Birthday that is adrenalin packed adventure that is 100% safe!

Laser Tag birthdays are unique

Unless you’ve played with us before, odds are this is something completely new for you and your child and his or her are guaranteed to love it!!
With Mobile Laser Tag your child gets to experience what many of us remember as “laser quest” or experience paintball

  • Without any pain!
  • Without any Messy and stained clothes!
  • Where you can just sit back and enjoy it too!!

Whether playing in your back-yard at your home, a venue that you have hired out for the day, the communal area’s in your complex, the public park down the road or at the church/school grounds – Laser Tag will stand out as more than just another birthday party! and will be the party your kid will never forget!


Birthday Party Video

Healthy Activity to get children outdoors again

Kids are filled with energy most of the time, even more so when playing with friends. Our laser tag “Game-play” and various “Missions” encourage children to interact, strategize and move around.
We provide a fully hosted service at all times ensuring that your child and their friends are not just looked after but motivated to have the most amount of fun possible!

We show up, set up and you play! It’s that simple!

Remember! Whether you’re big or small, young or old, you’ll find lots of fun and excitement anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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[toggle title=”Catering for Birthday Parties”]

What about catering?

We offer catering items in our packages too! this is ideal for working moms and dads that dont always have the time available! Our Packages and Add-Ons include:

  • Survival Kits (Party Packs)
  • T-shirts
  • Prizes
  • Camo Face Paints
  • Glow sticks
  • and many more

You are able to view more about our add-ons here

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Too busy to plan it all?

Mobile Laser Tag makes planning a birthday party easier for you to plan things like Birthday Party invitations and so much more! We make it simple so all you are left to do is sit back and start looking forward to making your (or child’s) Birthday party a memorable occasion!
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[toggle title=”Can boys and girls play laser tag?”]

Can girls and/or boys play Laser Tag?

Laser Tag birthday party can be played by both boys and girls!

We find that mixed groups or mixed parties with both girls and boys are the most fun!
No-one gets excluded, which is not like playing paintball! Most of our children’s parties for both girls and boys show that girls are more likely to win!?

[toggle title=”Is it safe for kids?”]

Is it Safe or Suitable for kids?

Yes, Laser Tag is completely (100%) safe and works like your TV’s remote control.

  • Laser Tag equipment uses IR (Infra-Red) and NOT real Laser beams.
  • No Physical Projectiles are fired from our laser tag guns
  • No Pain or Bruising
  • No Mess to clean

As safe as your TV REMOTE

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Find out more about the equipment


[toggle title=”Does it hurt or shock you?”]

Will Laser Tag hurt or leave marks?

NO! It wont hurt!

There is Zero PAIN! 

Laser Tag uses light and sound effects -there are no balls or objects that can cause pain, mess or marks!



[toggle title=”Do I need to wear special clothing?”]

Should kids wear special clothes?

No, since we use light, there is no need for special clothing!

What we recommend…

We do suggest that kids dress comfortably and wear active gear as they will be running around. Shoes are optional too and dependent on the venue you have chosen to use (such as your garden or park). Check the weather!


[toggle title=”Where can I play Laser Tag?”]

Where can we play?

Laser Tag is a mobile service. We bring the equipment to your home, office or venue!

This means that you can host the birthday party at a venue you choose such as:

  • At home – Inside/Indoors your house
    • like a playroom or the entire home
    • Individual rooms
  • At home – In your garden
    • Outside in the yard
    • In the Lapa (if its big enough) or Gazeebo
    • Common areas in complexe (clubhouse /entertainment areas
  • Near Home – at a public park near your home
    • If you live in a flat
    • or dont have a garden
  • A Venue – such as place specializing in birthday party events


[toggle title=”How old must you be to play Laser Tag?”]

Is there a minimum age for Laser Tag?

At Laser Tag, we suggest the minimum age is between 6 and 7. Younger siblings are also welcome and we do have smaller equipment Please ask us to include them as we cant always guarantee additiona equipment availability.


[toggle title=”How much space is needed?”]

How much space is needed for Laser games?

There is no set field size and a few ways to answer this question…

The most common “rule of thumb” is that you need to have at least half a tennis court in area available.

If you have had friends over to before and kids are able to play outside you generally are okay! Please speak to us directly if you are unsure if there is enough space to play Laser paintball tag games.

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[toggle title=”How much does it cost?”]

How much does a birthday party cost?

“How much does it cost ? Click on the button to see the prices before you book… See our Prices here


We take care of the kids for the entire duration of the booking! 

Need us to help?

We can help plan and co-ordinate your event so feel free to contact us.